About Us


We’re a family-run, innovative team of branding and marketing strategists and designers in Carlsbad, California.

We believe that small businesses are the soul and lifeblood of our communities.

Vandermedia was originally launched in 2005 as a graphic design firm specializing in sports design. We started creating logos, menus and signage for MLB and NFL teams, stadiums and arenas. While we continue to work closely with sports organizations like the Los Angeles Chargers and stadiums on logos, signage and retail/apparel design, we now provide branding and marketing to small businesses as well.

While we love our sports clients, we realized years ago that when we helped small businesses grow the impact was clear and tangible.

The effect that custom branding and strategic marketing tactics can have on small businesses is transformational. To us, when we can help a small business grow, the impact is seen in the business, the owners’ and employees’ families, and the community as a whole.

Better branding, strategy and marketing can grow a business quickly, which changes everything for business owners – it lets you serve your clients with your full attention, rather than trying to be a pro-marketer, designer, copywriter etc. all on your own. That’s a powerful thing.

When our clients send word of a big win, we celebrate as if it’s our own. When a new client signs up with us, we become committed to your success and even if it’s a one-time design project, we’ll ensure that it reinforces your brand.

We are deeply committed to our purpose – to help build and grow our clients businesses, and it motivates us every day to make business dreams a reality for as many businesses as we can.

Our mission is to support you in your business growth and success, and to be your #1 Partner in this growth.

By guiding small businesses to success, we are working to contribute to the improvement of communities (and therefore, families) in our own small way. While large corporations contribute as well, it’s the small businesses that make the world go around.

Brooke Patterson

Brooke Patterson is CEO and Co-Founder of Vandermedia Design and Marketing. Having worked with companies such as the San Diego Chargers, Ford, PXG, and Centerplate, Brooke uses her experience delivering results-driven branding and marketing strategies to transform her clients’ small businesses. Her passion is coaching service-based small business owners to success with custom branding and marketing strategy and systematic lead generation.


Travis Van der Linden

Travis Vanderlinden is Co-Founder and Creative Director of Vandermedia Design and Marketing. Travis was born and raised in Southern California in a sports and surf-centered lifestyle. As an artist from a very young age, he developed his artistic skills and style at UCSD which grew into a specialty in digital artwork and graphic design. Travis' passion for design shows through his ability to create brand visuals that make a business of any size look like a powerhouse brand.

Lastly, we believe that businesses of all sizes should have access to a talented team of strategists, marketers, and creatives who are on a mission to take you and your business to the next level and walk with you on your path to success.
We hope that you reach out with questions, ideas, projects or just to chat about potential next steps for your business. We'd love to get to know you and find out how we can help you move your business forward.