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Jumpstart My Business

5-Week Small Business Coaching Program


This is a Coaching Program for
Small Business Owners to Help You:

  • Know exactly what to do with your branding and website
  • Clarify your message so you turn prospects into clients
  • Create a simple, strategic marketing plan
  • Develop lead generation systems to bring in clients consistently, week after week
  • Build a business that you love (and that loves you back!)

The 5-Week Jumpstart My Business Program is a short-term marketing coaching program designed to fast-track your business growth. This proven framework for systematically generating clients has been used successfully by hundreds of small businesses.

Why consider this program?

1. You’re finding it hard to get in front of enough qualified leads

Many small business owners have little trouble demonstrating the value they can bring to an engagement – the problem is that they can’t attract enough of the right kinds of leads to have fruitful conversations in the first place. Solving this challenge is a major focus of this program.

2. You’re spending time and money trying to grow your business but without the results you need

If you enjoy getting results for clients but are tired of the chase and proposal dance, let me show you how to create a client generation machine that attracts only highly engaged, highly committed prospects and turns them into ideal clients.

3. You’re struggling to keep up with the work and retain the clients you have

One of the greatest challenges in running a business is that one day you’re chasing work, and the next day you’re head down doing the work. This unpredictable cycle leads to mixed results for clients and a constant state of feast and famine for you. In this program we will show you how to get clients started right and how to keep them happy and engaged.

Brooke Patterson - Vandermedia Design and Marketing
“The 5 Week Jumpstart My Business Program is the fastest, easiest way for small businesses to grow with the right tools in place to grow quickly.”
Brooke Patterson
Co-Founder and CEO of Vandermedia

Develop a plan so you know exactly what to do to grow your business this year.

5 Virtual Training Sessions and a Working Plan of Action for the Year!

5 Focused Training Sessions

Five interactive sessions with Brooke Patterson.
Join a small, focused group of small business owners who are ready to give their businesses a jump-start, or choose the Private option for 1:1 coaching. The virtual meetings will take place on Zoom once a week for 5 weeks.

Email support and post-course follow up

During the 5-week program, you will have email support and a 30 day post-program follow up.

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Here’s what we will focus on during the live sessions:

  • WEEK 1 – Discover

    Focus your core promise on a core problem

    Creating your message around your ideal client is the first step to successful small business marketing today. Your clients have problems to solve – your job is to determine how your company solves them and how to let your clients know that you can solve this problem. In this session we’ll go to work on identifying your ideal client’s problems and your message of promise to address these core issues. In the Q & A session we’ll discuss your most pressing brand or marketing question, or any question you have about structuring your programs or packages.

  • WEEK 2 – Define

    How to structure your homepage around the customer journey

    Gone are the days of your websites just being a digital brochure for your company. The primary purpose of your website today is to help guide the customer journey. You must use your site to create awareness and guide prospects through the initial know-like-trust journey so they will move to the “try” phase. In this session we will identify the must-have elements you need to get the most from your website and changes you can make to your homepage to get more traffic and convert prospects.

  • WEEK 3 – Design

    Build a lead generation content platform

    Content is as important as ever, maybe more important. But here’s the good news – you don’t need as much content as you think. Today, quality is more important than quantity so the days of posting mindlessly day after day are over. During week three we will map out your complete content plan for the next six months.

  • WEEK 4 – Develop

    Turn leads into paying customers

    Most service-based business owners say that they just need 10-30 more clients to be comfortable so they decide how to keep moving forward. There are a ton of “shiny object” programs that promise the moon with lead generation techniques like complex automated funnels. Those have their place, but for most small businesses I advising not wasting your money and sanity when focusing on getting those 30 new clients is a reachable goal without breaking the bank. During this session we’ll map out your “client generation systems.”

  • WEEK 5 – Deploy

    Turn customers into raving fans

    The secret to a wildly successful business is momentum. By creating a customer experience that focuses as much on the client after the sale as before, you’ll turn your happy clients into referral systems on their own. During this session we will map your Complete Client Experience approach so you develop relationships and retain the new clients you’ll be bringing in to your growing business.

Is This Course Right for You?

This course is not for everybody. Here’s who we believe will get the best results


  • Small business owners, service based businesses, coaches or consultants

  • Professional service providers (doctors, attorneys, etc.)

  • Anyone who wants to stand above the crowd by building a personal brand

  • Individuals who are serious about doing the work to build a long-standing asset


  • Retail businesses or product-based companies

  • Individuals looking for a quick fix without the need to put in the time to work the system

  • Individuals who aren’t willing to learn and try new things to build their business


If at any time during the program, you don’t feel like you are receiving the value promised and are not on your way to building a solid marketing action plan for your business even though you’ve followed the guidance, just send us a message and we’ll refund your money.

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Private Format

$1297 (one payment)
  • 5 Private virtual weekly sessions with Brooke Patterson

  • Highly personalized feedback

  • Individual brand, website and SEO review & recommendations

  • Personalized help with clarifying your message

  • Review of your service packaging and programs

  • 30 day post-program progress evaluation

Small Group Format Next Group Starts July 10, 2018

$597  (one payment)
  • 5 Group coaching virtual weekly sessions with Brooke Patterson

  • Individual homepage review

  • Learn and mastermind with other small business owners with no more than a few people per group

  • Personalized feedback during group calls and Q&A

  • 30 day post-program progress evaluation

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“Brooke Patterson and Vandermedia have been my #1 Partner in the growth of my business. She’s a creative leader. She considers artistry–tone, style, etc.–in addition to technical functionality, SEO, and other factors of a business online presence.” Rebecca McCarthy, The Written Coach

Rebecca McCarthy, The Written Coach

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