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Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network

Brooke Patterson (DTM Consultant) and the team at Vandermedia Design provide high-end creative services for small business budgets.

As an innovative and unpretentious design agency, we embrace the intersection of business, marketing and art to create transformative experiences for clients. We’re a small but nimble team, and we fill the gap between expensive design agencies and freelancers. We believe that all businesses should have access to great design and a reliable creative team.

We’re thrilled to be a part of the Duct Tape Network and to bring you an opportunity to add a level of service to your client relationships, while bringing a new source of revenue to your business at the same time.

Based in Carlsbad, California, Vandermedia began as a creative services company in 2006 serving sports teams and hospitality organizations such as the San Diego Chargers and Centerplate. While we still work with sports organizations, we have expanded our team and services to work specifically with small businesses and to tackle their unique design challenges.

Why Work with Us?

By working with Vandermedia, you can increase your engagement with your clients by taking design projects off their plate and working with us directly, or by referring them to us. Either way, it’s another avenue to offer your client upgraded services, improve client retention, and increase your profit margins.

2 Ways to Work Together:


Take advantage of the DTM discount of 15% off regular pricing.

Markup the design fee and transfer the final design files to the client.

This is the most profitable option since the markup amount is completely up to you. The DTM discount is 15%, and we generally suggest markup between 15%-25% as our prices are quite reasonable for quality design.

This option allows you to assist your client directly and enhance your status as partner to them, which can help with client retention.


Refer your clients to Vandermedia directly and receive a referral payment.

Simply refer your clients to us to for their creative services.

There is a one-time referral payment of $400 which is paid within a month after the client spends $2000 with us.

Of course, we will never offer and would refuse to work on any marketing tactics other than the production of design files with your referred clients.

Some of our work.


One way to introduce our services to your clients when they need a design file of any kind is to let them know you’re a Partner with Vandermedia Design, and offer to get a design estimate for them for a their project. Most people will take you up on your offer to get an estimate for them and handle the details. Once you start handling their design projects they’ll naturally come to you for all of their creative needs, which can become a significant revenue generator.

Another option is to say you’ve become a Partner to Vandermedia Design and that moving forward you can pass along your Partner discount to them. Then you don’t have to wait for a design project to come along, you can announce it as an added service at any time in your newsletter, blog, social media post, etc. We are happy to work with you to provide anything that will help you announce and promote the Partnership, such as photo, logo, guest blog, or things like interviews, videos, webinars, consultations or anything else that could help you offer this new service.

Not at this time. We will be adding programs and benefits over time, so if you’re interested in any specific type of program please let us know.

We can help with print projects for orders over 5000 units. If you plan to print a design file that you have us create, please let us know before we start so that a proper print file setup can be created from the beginning. We can also help with sign creation and production if desired.

We do charge rush fees in those cases where rush files are needed and we are available to fulfill the order in the short time frame, which is not always possible. Rush fees are dependent upon project type and time frame.

Once a project is completed and the project invoice has been paid in full to Vandermedia, the rights to the final designs transfer to the client (unless you referred, the client is you, the consultant, initially). If you’re managing the project for your client, then once we receive your payment in full you will own the files until your client pays your invoice in full. Then the rights will transfer to your client per your own agreement with them. We will provide a client agreement template for you to use with your clients.

The client should download and keep a copy of all final design files, and we suggest that you as the intermediate client and consultant also download and keep copies of all files. Vandermedia will provide a Google Drive Consultant Folder with client subfolders for the final files, but we are not responsible for storage of design files indefinitely.

Over the years we have noticed that there are certain traits that make for great design client relationships. There are a few ‘qualifier’ questions that we suggest asking yourself about your clients to determine which ones will make the process easy and which clients will make things more challenging.

  • The number one question we ask ourselves is ‘does this client respect creative and marketing roles’? If they respect you as the consultant and trust you as an expert, they will make great design clients. If they question everything and tend to micromanage, then experience tells us that nailing down their idea of great design can be a difficult proposition.
  • Are they decisive, or do they change their minds often with branding and marketing projects? Unfortunately changing minds can be a costlier strategy due to the extra design time for numerous rounds of design.
  • Does this client make ‘decisions by committee’? That can often go very well, but at times too many decision makers means a dilution of design quality as well as lengthening of design projects due to changes.
  • Has this client expressed to you that they have worked with many designers and all of them were terrible? That’s a common red flag.

We have great legal resources we can pass along to you if requested, but we do not provide trademark searches.

We are graphic design specialists, so we create logos and visual identities, marketing materials, ads, signage, menus, digital designs, infographics, auto wraps, website design upgrades and much more. Your clients’ brands’ require great design, so client-facing or special projects must look top-notch and reinforce the brand. If you need something to look amazing, let’s talk.

Some of our clients want us to handle every creative need, which we are happy to accommodate. Others have their own team handle things like blog design, social media post design, internal documents and forms. If it’s important for a client-facing item to look great, we can help.

We look forward to talking with you.

If you would like to learn more, have questions or are ready to get started please fill out the form below. We will include the price list in your welcome email.