Here is the process:

Phase 1 (Client). Timeframe: usually 1-2 weeks depending on how much time you will need to fill out the Review and Discovery forms and gather contact information for 5 clients.

  • Welcome Emails with Next Steps, Links: You’ll receive an immediate Welcome email with a link to a Marketing Review form and a Discovery Form. These will take a little time to complete, but the more thoughtful and thorough the answers the better the outcome of the Marketing Plan will be. Within one business day, you will also receive an email with login information and access to your Client Portal. This Portal will be your hub for your Strategy First Marketing Package (message center, files, package status).
  • Schedule Our First Meeting: The Welcome email will also include a link to schedule the Initial Discovery Call. Please schedule the Call for around 5-7 days out, keeping in mind that we ask that you submit the forms 48 hours before the call so we have time to review the information. If you need more than 3-5 days to fill out the forms, please schedule the Initial Discovery Call for a later date.
  • Your Client Information: We will need contact information (Name, Phone, Email) for up to 5 clients that we can reach out to for the Client Interview portion of the Plan, so you can start gathering that information to send to me by email at or upload through the Client Portal. Please let your clients know we will be reaching out to them for an interview and get their approval for us to call.
  • Submit the Forms at least 2 days before Discovery Meeting. You will receive an emailed copy of the filled out forms after submission.
  • Initial Discovery Phone Meeting with Consultant
  • Research & Follow-Up: Following our call, we will schedule the final Presentation and Delivery call and the Total Online Presence Audit research will begin.

Phase 2 (Consultant). Timeframe 2-3 weeks.

  • Total Online Presence Audit research
  • Conduct 5 ideal client interviews
  • Competitive research
  • Develop the Marketing Hourglass based on client touch-points
  • Develop first 6 months of a content calendar
  • Develop top 3 high-level strategic action steps
  • Presentation and Delivery of Marketing Plan and Action Steps