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Every business
needs a great logo.

Don’t settle for second-rate branding for your company – your customers, your brand and your bottom line won’t be forgiving if you take shortcuts with your logo design.

When you work with us, you’ll get all the visual elements of your brand that you need to consistently promote your brand across all channels.

You’ll not only receive your new logo, but you’ll also get a logo filing system that is titled for ease of use of your logo in different channels.

Our Logo Launch Package includes the foundational visual elements to launch your new brand. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great logo, but as your company’s representation to the public you don’t want to take shortcuts either. This package provides you with high-level logo, business card and digital/print letterhead designs so you can start making an impact immediately.

Starting your new business or looking to revamp your current business brand? This Logo package will put together some of the fundamental elements to start marketing and promoting your business.


Client will receive the following:

To get started or find out about Pricing, please email or call and we will be in touch with you asap! If you have any questions feel free to check the FAQ below.

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Logo Launch Package FAQ

Do you have a payment plan?2018-02-22T21:18:58-07:00

Not at this time. We require 50% deposit and the remaining 50% payment will be due prior to the delivery of your logo filing system to you.

What is a ‘Logo Filing System’?2018-02-22T21:18:22-07:00

This is simply a set of files that is organized so that it’s easy for you, your team and your vendors to know which logo file to use in which application and have easy access to that type.

Why shouldn’t I just go through a logo submission website to get an inexpensive logo?2018-02-22T21:17:40-07:00

In short, you get what you pay for. You can avoid things like clip art, similar or exact logos on the market which can cause trademark issues, getting file types that aren’t workable or not getting high quality vector files, frustration down the line trying to get the right file types to vendors, or logos that are simply not good enough to represent you and your company, possible forever. Most importantly, your logo should have thought and strategy based on your vision and a deep understanding of your ideal clients. You’ll get that with our Logo Launch Package.

What is the Logo Launch process?2018-06-07T16:58:56-07:00

The process starts with letting us know of your initial interest. Once you agree to the terms and pay for the package, we will send you our logo questionnaire to fill out and submit.
– Then the design of the 3 logo concepts will begin and it takes 1-2 weeks.
– The logo concepts are presented in pdf format, and then you can let us know which concept you want to move forward with. Two minor revisions of the chosen logo are available.
– 3 color choices will be provided unless your brand colors have already been decided on.
– Once approved, you will receive a complete logo filing system that will make it easy to tell which file type to use in different situations.
– Then two business card designs will be created and presented. You can choose one design and we’ll send you the print file for that design.
– We will then set up your 1-2 page Brand Guide which details your brand visuals such as font type and colors.
– Finally, we will send you a digital and print file that can be used as branded letterhead.

What is the price of the Logo Launch Package?2018-02-22T21:36:23-07:00

Email us Here for Pricing: