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Are you a service-based small business owner who doesn’t have a large marketing budget, but needs more clients?

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Do you want the marketing resources you need PLUS 1-to-1 coaching support to grow your business quickly?

Do you want to learn exactly how to market and grow your business while actually doing it with support and guidance from an expert?

Hi, I’m Brooke Patterson.

I’m a branding and marketing mentor for service-based small business owners who are ready to get more clients consistently and transform their business.

The Service-Based Business Integrated Marketing Program is an innovative combination of mentorship and online course, where you have direct access to me as well as a complete online marketing course designed specifically for service-based small businesses to build a consistent lead generation system.

This is a minimum 6 month program, but most members stay in the program for a full year or longer to continue to build their businesses.

Spots in the Program are extremely limited.

– Only a certain number of new members can be accepted due to the highly personalized nature of the Program. Enrollment for the Program will close soon. (Feel free to contact us here to get on the waiting list for membership spots that open up once enrollment has closed.)

Why This Program?

This is the program I wish I had
when I was first starting out.

When our company was in its early years, we had the talent and drive we needed to succeed but we didn’t have a plan for marketing. After a couple of years, we had impressive clients and were growing at a healthy pace. But marketing? No thanks. We were too busy for that and we thought we were doing just fine with referrals and networking.

We had just purchased a home in San Diego when our biggest client informed us that the new CEO wanted to bring in his own design team, so our contract wouldn’t be renewing at the end of the term.

So, just like that we were back to needing a flow of new clients, quickly.

I knew I needed to learn how to market my business as quickly as possible. I studied marketing. I bought online programs to learn how to market on my own. Even with information at my fingertips, I still felt like I was on my own as far as marketing my small business.

Eventually I hired a well-known business coach, who mostly passed me off to his hired ‘coaches’. I still didn’t find the direct guidance I was hoping for – there was a lot of talk about mindset (don’t get me wrong, mindset is important but it won’t tell you how to optimize your SEO…) and there wasn’t much talk about my bottom line.

Then a funny thing happened. As I learned about marketing over time and with lots of trial and error, I began to fall in love with it. Most of all, as I learned how to market by doing, I took ACTION. The more action I took, the more clients started finally flowing our way seemingly without effort.

There was definitely struggle in those early years, and mistakes were made. During those early years, I dreamed of finding a program that allowed me to implement a lead generation system, learn at my own pace and have direct guidance and support from an industry expert – and at a cost I could manage.

I would have signed up immediately and without hesitation. It would have saved me years of uncertainty on what to focus to move my business to the next level, and how to do it.

I looked hard for it, but I never found that program. So, all these years later, I created it.

I created this program specifically for you – serious, determined small business owners who want to serve others in your own way while building a self-sustaining brand, who know you have massive potential and who are committed to doing the work necessary to grow your business.

I am deeply committed to you and your business, and your success depends on your level of commitment to your business growth. I only work with serious business owners who are ready to move the needle.

I invite you to apply for the Program and commit to your growth and success this year.

A note about Brooke...

Brooke Patterson is CEO and Co-Founder of Vandermedia Design and Marketing, and Brand & Marketing Strategist for small businesses. Having worked with companies such as the San Diego Chargers, Ford, PXG, and Centerplate, Brooke uses her experience delivering results-driven branding and marketing strategies to transform her clients’ small businesses. Her passion is coaching service-based small business owners to success with custom branding and marketing strategy and systematic lead generation.

Here’s what you get when you join ‘The Service-Based Business Integrated Marketing Program’ Coaching Program and Online Marketing System:

  • Private Branding, Marketing & Growth Coaching

    Get one-on-one mentoring from me – Brooke Patterson, CEO of Vandermedia Design & Marketing and Small Business Growth Coach. Together we’ll discover how to build the brand you want through crafting your story, developing your message, and understanding how your visuals can reinforce the ‘tone’ of your vision and story. You’ll learn how to create your marketing strategy, generate consistent leads, package your services and scale your business while avoiding some of the mistakes and traps that often derail small businesses.

    PLUS: I can help you through common challenges, such as how to get a logo and web presence with a small budget, how to start building an email list and create a lead magnet, which email automation or project management programs might work best for you, how to create a sales funnel, and other similar questions.

  • Access to the Online Marketing System Course

    The Online Course was developed by a specialized, talented team of marketers who are experts in putting strategy before tactics – the Duct Tape Marketing Network. You’ll see this name throughout the Program.

    You’ll learn by doing, so as you go through the Program you will start seeing results in your business! For example, you’ll learn how to jumpstart your SEO and you’ll be able to see your traffic start to move up during the course. The more you put into it, the better results you’ll see.

    There are 9 modules set up in the order you need to accomplish building a marketing system that will grow and expand with you. You can dive in deep to learn as much as possible about each module, or we can focus on determining the lessons and actions that will move your business forward as quickly as possible.
    The course also includes access to webinars, resources and suggested tools, and worksheets that you can complete in downloadable PDF form or online form tool that emails your content to you.

  • Powerful Task Flow Engine

    This is one of the innovations that makes this program so unique. The program course marries knowledge with a software tool that records every task you complete, keeps you on track, helps you automate and manage many of your marketing projects, and produces monthly reports tracking your growth.

    Here is a list of the reports included – all covering competitor analysis and adjustable date ranges:

    • SEO report card – including an SEO score, rank analysis, link building, on-site analysis, website accessibility, trust metrics and current indexing
    • Keyword Rankings – including competitive ranking for each keyword and target keyword analysis
    • Link Analysis – including link analysis, unique domains for your website, top inbound links and anchor text analysis
    • Social Report Card – including a social score, Facebook analysis, Twitter analysis, and LinkedIn analysis
    • Facebook Summary – including a snapshot, total page likes, number of posts, engagement, demographics, reach and posts
    • Twitter Summary – including a snapshot, total followers, total tweets, total engagement, and tweets
    • LinkedIn Summary – including a snapshot, total followers, total posts, reach, and posts
    • Activity Summary – including % complete, number of completed tasks, impact points, task history and task detail
    • Analytics summary – including traffic overview, channel overview, popular pages device overview, organic traffic analysis, and social media traffic analysis

      Sample reports on key metrics

      The reports within the system track the most important online metrics including SEO, Social, and Analytics. Click below to have a look at sample reports.
      • SEO report card – including an SEO score, rank analysis, link building, on-site analysis, website accessibility, trust metrics and current indexing
      • Social Report card – including a social score, Facebook analysis, Twitter analysis, and LinkedIn analysis
      • Analytics summary– including traffic overview, channel overview, popular pages device overview, organic traffic analysis, and social media traffic analysis
  • Monthly Live Training Session

    Each month a live training session will be held by John Jantsch, founder of Duct Tape Marketing. He will drill down into an important and often trending topic and help you go deeper and deeper in your understanding of marketing. (Look for special guest appearances from outside experts too.)

  • Access to the Vandermedia Client Portal – your HUB for projects and programs

    Everything related to the Program will be at your fingertips within our Client Portal, including access to the Online Course and the Messaging system you’ll use to message me as needed throughout the program.

  • Integration

    This marketing program integrates everything you need to succeed – the resources, knowledge and training, tools, community, and private 1-to-1 coaching that will move your business forward quickly. I am here to guide you every step of the way for as long you like – this is a minimum 6 month program but most people stay in the program past the six month mark.

As your company grows, there are new processes and systems to put in place and new challenges to face.

There’s nothing better than having a guide to walk that path with you.

Here’s what I know for sure – having someone to help you focus on a strategy and the handful of tactics that will help your business take off can mean the difference between growing your small business consistently or riding the financial roller coaster.

If you’re serious about taking action and growing your business in the next year, I encourage you to sign up for the Program now. Start the new year off with a renewed commitment to your business and solidify your spot in the program before it closes.


Detailed Course Outline



Strategy and
Brand Foundation

In Module One we focus on the all-important strategy elements of your business. This module provides you with the foundational elements you will need to build your brand and start marketing your business effectively.

  • The best ways to identify your ideal clients
  • Why finding a core difference is the single most important factor in your marketing system
  • The 5 questions to ask to find your unique point of difference
  • The “talking logo” technique for communicating your unique point of difference
  • Ways to differentiate from your competitors and find your true value proposition
  • PLUS, How to employ immediate SEO tactics to begin generating more traffic to your website



The Marketing

Understanding your customer’s buying journey is essential to understanding how to attract and serve your ideal clients. The Marketing Hourglass is a unique framework that you can use to create your overarching marketing strategy as well as to design a new product launch campaign.

The steps in the Hourglass – know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat and refer – will be linked to specific actions or processes in your business designed to move prospects and clients logically down the path of the Hourglass.

  • How to systematize your marketing efforts in a way that directly reaches your prospects in each stage of the buying process
  • How to understand your marketing framework in a way that makes it easy to always know what to do next
  • How your profits will increase if you implement the marketing hourglass framework
  • Creative ways to package your services (we’ll spend quite a bit of 1-to-1 time on this!)
  • The simple way to create a by-product to potentially increase your profits (this could even up your expert status in your market)




Content is the voice of your marketing strategy. It’s how you get your message told, how you guide prospects through the marketing hourglass, how you build trust and ultimately, how you convert prospects to clients.

  • How to craft a brand story for your business that lets you connect with your customers at the deepest level
  • How to use content to boost your search rankings
  • The 4 types of content that builds trust
  • How to craft your own Marketing Kit – a collection of information that help you present the best possible case for why a prospect would buy from you
  • How to let other people bring you more clients using your content
  • How to use content to increase your social media ROI




In order to get the most from your content creation, you need to focus on various forms of distribution and consumption. A blog, podcast, newsletter, social networks and content networks must be considered as the primary tools for getting your message found and read in a way that moves the process from awareness to trust.

  • How to build a blog for your company and brand (you need less content than you may think!)
  • Easy tools to keep your blog populated with minimal time
  • How to create compelling content that gets more clicks and is seen by more people
  • How to convert leads with email marketing
  • How to create exciting video content
  • Plug-ins that make WordPress more useful




As marketing your business online continues to evolve it’s become essential to look at how you view your online presence in a global, integrated and strategic manner. From this view, you can gain the greatest coverage with the least amount of chasing your tail. There’s a bit of a hierarchy to what must be done first and by adhering to this general order you’ll always know what comes next.

  • How to know if any new tool or platform is right for you
  • The simplest ways to create a social media automation routine
  • 7 steps to create a Social Media Conversion System to help you get more customers and increase SEO
  • How to manage your profile on all relevant search directories
  • How to create landing pages that convert at a high rate
  • How to properly ‘amplify’ your content
  • How to use ‘content upgrades’ to capture leads




Jumpstart your SEO! I will suggest that you start on some things in this module right away so you can start to see your traffic increase. One of the benefits of building a total online presence in the manner we have suggested throughout this program is that these efforts will make it easier for search engines to send prospects directly to you. Now it’s time to make sure that you optimize your content and web properties in ways that will attract the highest number of ideal prospects.

  • How to get more 5-star reviews
  • How to become a local search powerhouse
  • The only elements you need to focus on to increase your SEO
  • How to benefit from simple keyword research
  • How to create web pages that search engines love
  • Ways to acquire the RIGHT kind of links for your website
  • Tools to carry out SEO and competitive research more effectively



Marketing Channels

Just a few years ago, there were only a handful of channels available to marketers. Now there are dozens. Which means, in order to grow your business you want to select a couple of channels you are really good at and leverage them for growth.

  • How to adopt the appropriate mindset for growth
  • How to identify which channels are best for your business
  • How to leverage the channels at which you excel
  • How to supplement those channels with advertising
  • How to earn referrals
  • Ways you can build a powerful network of strategic partners




Organizations that base their overall marketing objectives on elements that can be measured are far more successful than those that merely hope they are getting results. The only way to improve your marketing results is track what’s working and what’s not and go to work on getting better results.

  • Ways to make sure you are meeting your marketing goals
  • How to take advantage of online advertising without breaking your budget
  • Tools to create custom marketing reporting dashboards
  • How to visualize your sales operation
  • How to convert more leads into customers



Ongoing Growth Planning

You’re never really done building a marketing system and this module introduces the process of ongoing planning and growth. In some ways this is the perfect time to start this program over again to refine your approach.

  • 3 questions to help your business get unstuck and move towards your goal
  • How to scale your business over time
  • How to increase productivity and achieve your goals
  • How to spend as little as possible to achieve your marketing goals (in other words, how to do marketing without wasting money)
  • How to manage your marketing activities so that you know what to do each day with maximum focus
  • 2 ways to make your sure staff is focused on the end goal so that you increase your chances of achieving it

Reach Your Goals Faster.
Avoid Mistakes and Roadblocks.
Take Action and Grow Your Business.

Apply now to get the resources, guidance and personal support you need to grow your service-based small business for only $495 per month (minimum 6 months).


Spots in the Program are extremely limited

– only a certain number of new members can be accepted due to the highly personalized nature of the Program. Enrollment for the Program will close soon. (Feel free to contact us here to get on the waiting list for membership spots that open up once enrollment has closed.)

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don’t have a logo or website yet? 2018-02-14T00:37:37+00:00

That’s no problem! In the program we’ll determine the best way to get a logo and web presence created based on your budget.

Who is this program for? 2018-02-14T00:46:46+00:00

This program is for service-based business owners. Businesses with products are not a good fit as the program is designed for creating a lead generation system that works best for service-based businesses.

  • Entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, those leaving (or wanting to leave) corporate positions
  • Freelancers, consultants & coaches, creatives, health & wellness providers, caterers, farmers and food services
  • Non-profits, churches, educators, senior services
  • Business owners who want to train their entire team on a marketing system at the same time
  • New businesses, early-stage businesses, or those who struggling to grow further
  • Those without a large marketing budget to hire outside help
  • People committed to learning how to grow their business
  • Business owners who have challenges in getting enough clients
  • Any business owner interested in learning exactly how to grow their business now and over the long term
  • Those who are tired of uncertainty and of trying to grow a business alone








How do I join the webinars? 2018-01-29T22:34:28+00:00

Within the course system, you must first register for the webinar series. Once registered, you’ll automatically be given email reminders about the upcoming events and be sent custom links to the event.

What happens once I become a member of the Program? 2018-01-31T03:25:31+00:00

There is so much that you can do and access in the Program and Online Course that it may seem overwhelming at first. I’m here to help you focus on the most important lessons for your specific business, but you can either go through the Course quickly or as dive in as deeply as you want and learn about modern marketing, whether digital or offline. Here are the immediate first steps after approval of your application and payment has been received:

  1. If your application is approved, you’ll receive an email with a link to a page to pay your first month fee and read the Terms & Conditions. You can then schedule our introductory call right away.
  2. You’ll receive an email with your login information to your Client Portal. This is your ‘home base’ for the Program, Messages and where you’ll find Access to the Course and Task Manager.
  3. We’ll set you up to receive access to the Online Course & Task Manager (these will take a day or two to set up). You’ll be able to access the Course and Task Manager through the Program information on your Dashboard once your access information has been posted.
  4. Then you can begin viewing the lessons within the Duct Tape Marketing System by heading to the dashboard.  The lessons are separated into units with individual lessons.  Feel free to move at your own pace and revisit lessons at any time.
  5. You can head over to the webinar page, enroll, and save the dates for upcoming events.
Do you offer a money back guarantee? 2018-02-11T21:03:48+00:00

Yes. If you change your mind within 3 days of signing up for the program we will provide a prompt refund. After the initial 3 days we don’t offer money back or prorated refunds. After the 6 month mark, you can cancel anytime.

Is there a contract? 2018-01-29T22:31:12+00:00

As with any Marketing or Coaching Program, there are simple Terms & Conditions that you’ll agree to before we get started. After the six month minimum time frame, feel free to cancel anytime.

There are a lot of programs out there that require a full twelve month commitment, but this program is only a 6 month minimum because it takes that long to really see ROI on your efforts. Most members stay in the Program and maintain their membership on an ongoing basis to maintain access to ongoing Coaching, training, webinars and to continue to scale their business.

The online coursework usually takes 2-12 months to complete, depending on your pace. Many people stay in the program indefinitely because as you grow, new issues will arise and you’ll want continued support. As a member of the Coaching Program, you’ll receive relevant help all along the way.

How is this different from other marketing training? 2018-02-06T00:09:05+00:00

This is very different. In this program, you will be learning and marketing at the same time. It’s a ‘practical’ marketing program which actually takes you through actions step-by-step without spending a lot of time on theory, mindset or other things that don’t directly relate to growing your business. The Online Course is a do-it-yourself online training that walks through 9 systems for growing and scaling your service-based business, but you also get 1-on-1 time directly with me to guide you through the program and help with growing your business. You can go as deep into the lessons as you’d like. With this Coaching Program, you have direct access to me so I can hear about your problem areas and give you advice and guidance geared to your specific situation.

Will the Program help me with my type of business or industry? 2018-01-31T01:27:13+00:00

This process has worked with all kinds of small businesses in any industry, but the Coaching Program has been designed specifically for service-based businesses. It’s a series of steps that take the guesswork out of marketing but – and this is important – still allows for customization according to your industry and your specific Ideal Clients. In any business or industry, if you don’t have the right systems in place your business will struggle. It doesn’t matter if you’re startup or an established small business.

What exactly do I get when I join the Program? 2018-02-06T00:06:59+00:00

Join the program and you get access to the following:

  • One Private 1-on-1 Coaching call with Brooke Patterson every month to discuss your progress, marketing and branding strategies, tactics, challenges and goals.
  • Access to the complete Duct Tape Marketing System Online Course & Task Manager system.
  • Access to the Vandermedia Client Portal, your HUB for your Program.
  • Email support through the Client Portal – I will be able to respond to one (1) email per week in addition to written homework feedback (unless there is something urgent you need help with or if you have any technical issues with the programs).
  • Feedback on homework, accountability, and strategies to help you constantly move to the next level in your business, whether you’re starting out or have an established business.
  • Access to specific marketing training from Duct Tape Marketing through Webinars (monthly and links to past topics).
  • Bonus! As long as you’re a member of the program, you can receive 15% off any graphic design project with Vandermedia.
  • Bonus! Get your whole team involved in the program at no extra cost!

Scale your service-based business QUICKLY and CONSISTENTLY with private marketing and branding coaching + an at-your-own pace online course.

This application is your first step:

  • This is only used to contact you and will not be shared with any other parties.

  • years