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Website Design &
Website Makeovers

Get your website to bring you clients consistently, week after week.

Is your website getting traffic, getting your prospects’ attention and bringing in new clients consistently?

Does your website design represent your company, brand and vision?

Does it turn prospects into clients so that your business grows?

If NO is your answer,
we have a solution.

We have designed 3 website design programs specifically to:

  • Turn your website into a LEAD generation tool, not just an online business card

  • Get your prospects’ attention and convert them into CLIENTS

  • Bring in leads to bring in revenue and GROW your business

  • Without breaking the bank!

Vandermedia’s WEBSITE MAKEOVER PROGRAMS will get your website
to WORK for you.


Spruce up your website

Design updates to header area, footer, background, fonts, lines/curves simple aesthetic changes, image changes as needed. Basic design alterations, no layout alterations or major changes. Add-on options are available.



Let’s remodel

Design and some layout alterations including header area, footer, background, fonts, lines/curves aesthetic changes, image changes as needed, PLUS content changes as requested, re-design of homepage with any copy changes provided to us, and minimal layout updates. Add-on options are available.



Start fresh, it’s time to build!

Start fresh with a brand new website build from the foundation up. Not every website can or should be updated and remodeled, so in those cases we will suggest this option. You don’t want to makeover your site only to have it “break” in a month or two because it’s still old, or spend time and money on a site that won’t allow for mobile usage.


You only have 6 seconds to get your prospects’ attention, so make sure those 6 seconds count! Today, more than ever, good design and branding matter – especially on your website.

We can build you a brand new marketing-activated website, but if you already have a website, we may not need to start from scratch. We design websites from the foundation up, but we also help business owners turn their current websites from being just an ‘online business card’ into a lead generation machine that brings in clients, engages prospects, and reinforces your brand.

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In a matter of weeks, you’ll have fast-tracked your business growth with a robust, branded website that is designed with your ideal client and client journey in mind.

If your website isn’t working FOR you, then it’s working AGAINST you.

Let’s do something about that so you’re not losing out on tens of thousands of dollars per year in missed opportunities.

Vandermedia’s WEBSITE MAKEOVER PROGRAMS will get your website to WORK for you.

Basic Deliverables for any of the 3 Makeover Options:

  • Design (or Re-design) of Homepage and Inside Pages

    This process includes a variety of CSS design implementations from color coordinating and layout adjustments to background imagery and patterns to generate a new look .

  • Responsive Web Pages

    We will create as much responsiveness as possible with the parameters of your site and template. If mobile optimization is crucial and your current site doesn’t allow for that, we’ll suggest a ‘New Construction’ website build.

Add-On Options : (additional fee services)

  • Logo Design:

    If you don’t have a logo or a vectorized version of your logo for use on the website, please let us know and we can provide a quote for logo design – either vectorizing your current logo or designing a new one.

  • Forms & data capture:

    A forms plug-in will be implemented to capture email and record all of the entered data. The forms and polls entries can be integrated with other third-party software. Form fields can be easily edited and managed via the administration panel.

  • Search Engine Optimization:

    We can conduct a traffic and SEO review with suggestions for improvement. If you would like, we can provide a quote to implement changes for you. Done-For-You page optimization based on keyword research is also available. Ongoing SEO will be quoted separately.

  • Copywriting and content production resources are available:

    Vandermedia will work with our partners to provide any special copywriting services, from help with your all-important homepage copy to blogs or articles that you want to populate your site with initially.

  • Custom Photography, Videography & Drone partner resources are available:

    Vandermedia will work with our partners to provide any custom photography, video services, or drone services. We can help with video editing and adding branding to your videos as well as animated technical videos.

  • Google Analytics Setup:

    Vandermedia will integrate your site with Google analytics to provide you key reports on your website’s performance.

  • Integration with outside membership/operations portals or payment gateways:

    Portal integrations, payment gateways, other specific functionality or plug-in capability can be added.

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